December 11, 2018

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Saudi police save three women from rapists - then arrest them


  • Three victims were picked up from outside a college in the Saudi city of Mecca
  • They were driven to an apartment where two men attempted to rape them
  • One was able to call police, but officers then arrested both the men and women
  • Saudi police saved three women from rapists - only to arrest them along with their attackers.

    The three victims had been picked up from outside a college in the city of  Mecca before being driven to a flat where two men tried to assault them.

    One of the victims secretly called Al Mansour Police Department. But when officers arrived, they arrested both the attackers and the women.

    All five are being investigated, but it is not yet clear why the women were held.

    In Saudi Arabia women are forbidden from being in private places with men who are not related to them, StepFeed reports.

    Such unlawful mixing can lead to criminal charges against both parties. However, women often face harsher punishment.

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