December 11, 2018

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Will Assad forfeit refugees homes under the new property law?

29.4.2018 Property Law 10 that has received wide attention by many Syria observers.

Sensational headlines like this “10m Syrians at risk of forfeiting homes under new property law” by “@martinchulov is a microcosm of the way this important issue has been covered. I will try to add more color/sense to the discussion:

Those on the opposition side, as well as many Syria observers, have referred to this law as “forced displacement”. Some have even claimed that its main motive is to move the majority Sunnis out of these areas and replace them with Shias or others. Let’s first try to stick to the facts:

  • Law 10 is largely built on Decree 66 of 2012 which was crafted to deal with two areas in the Damascus Governorate. Those two areas were the pilot project that led to Law 10 which effectively is a comprehensive attempt to take Decree 66 nationally.
  • In order to understand the rationale of Law 10, best to think of the alternative. How does a country undergo reconstruction when many areas are totally destroyed? Your first question is who owns what. The law tries to establish this fact first.
  • Once an area goes under the “Tanzeem” and is ready for reconstruction, the law demands that legal deed owners prove ownership. If the owner is out of the country, a relative (as distant as the second cousin) can provide the deed on owner’s behalf.
  • Legal deed owners will eventually own shares in the project that will be constructed in their area. Questions related to valuation are addressed in detail by the law. Those interested in such details ought to read the document in full.

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