February 18, 2019

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Spirit Cooking with Marina Abramovic

03/2018 Lots of Informations on Marina Abramović by Elemi Fuentes @ twitter   https://threadreaderapp.com

Important informations. May contain disturbing images!

by Emeli Fuentes

You all seem a bit lost on Marina Abramović. I thought after #pizzagate broke out, you all knew about her & her background already, but it doesn't seem the case. So here is my thread about her

Her parents were "national heroes" and were given positions in the post-war Yugoslav government.
On her own words, her family had been "Red bourgeoisie."

She spent various years with her very religious grandmother, going to church and performing all the necessary 'rituals'.
Seems part of this rituals include a lot of whipping, pain, drawing blood, etc.

Her great-uncle was Varnava, of the Serbian Orthodox Church.

Varnava Rosić, born Petar Rosić in Pljevlja, had a fondness for taking little boys to his bed.
Marina's lineage traces back to Rasputin as well as European royalty and the mysterious Rosicrucian secret society


Who is Marina's brother?
None other than Velimir Abramovic.
Velimir is a well-known philosopher & mathematician whose works consist mainly on refuting Einstein's theories on electrodynamics. He is also very concerned with the possibilities of of the 'many infinities',

And the works of Nikola Tesla. He is probably 1 of the very few individuals alive that understands the completed works of Nikola Tesla.
More importantly, he is a member of the "Institute for the Science of Time" (Akademia NOIA).

What is interesting about NOIA is that they concerened themselves with the study of "Noosphere".
from Greek "noos, nous" = "mind", and "sphaira" = "globe", a figurative envelope of conceptual thought, or reflective impulses produced by the human intellect

Greek philosophers wrote extensively about the 'thought world' & how is just as real as the matter or quantum world. Ideas travel & spread around the globe (positive or negative). Hence why you have inventions across the world from ppl that never met before

However, we have been told to discard this 'thought world' or "Noosphere". We are supposed to believe it doesn't exist. This is the part of reality that gets hijacked by the Cabal by constantly bombarding with TV & celebrities so we don't use reasoning &expand our own abilities
When #QAnon tells us to 'pray', it doesn't necessarily mean in the religious sense (although those of you who are, feel free to do so). It is more to do with directing our thought efforts to a greater cause.

In a quantum experiment, the outcome will vary depending of whether its being observed or not. In the matter/real world, the counterpart is that actions are affected by thoughts. Hence our 'pray' can mean the 1 mm that deflects a bullet from a target.

As far fetched as the above seems, there are a handful of labs around the world dedicated to investigating the effects the mind has on everyday actions/objects/events.
A quick search of "Noosphere" brings a few of them
The concept of "Noosphere" was developed by 3 main key figures: Nikola Tesla, Vladimir Verdansky & Pierre Teilhard de Chardin.
In today's modern world, Tesla institute still carries on the research whose ground was set by Tesla
What does it all mean?
When you look at subatomic particles/the basic constituents of matter, you can reduce everything to electrical charges. Electrons interacting with one another.
In that scenario, you can't tell where the chair ends & the person sitting on it begins.
On 'though world' the same occurs.We have our own individual thoughts, but they are also affected by whether the guy next door is in a good mood or not.
This is part of what we call 'Global Consciousness'.
We are one (so to speak). And hence
"Where we go one, we all go"
Forgot to add link to -16 ☝️
Those of you interested in the subject, I recommend you some research on Institute of Noetic Sciences.
I came across this one years ago on my endless quest for truth.
It was co-founded in 1973 by former astronaut Edgar Mitchell (not some hippy in his basement)
Still sounds like crazy talk, right?
What if I told you reality is chiral? Opposites, yin-yang, matter-antimatter/whatever you want to call it.
There is something called the light spectrum & the visible light.
We see up to certain certain wavelengths & others we don't see
Animals see different wavelengths than we do.
Other 'creatures' inhabit those spectrums that we don't see. The Greeks called them 'daimones' and the muslims call them them 'djinn'.
This is in part what #ProjectBlueBeam was all about
This is why Phil Schneider lost his life for. He tried & tried to warn us all.
This call WAS NOT FAKE either
Here is Santilli's paper on the subject
A man once proposed for Nobel prize in Mathematics, now discredited
This user here C. Ervana (YT)
Was the first to clock on the fact that Santilli is part of the knights of Malta not-so-secret-society.
Do you know who the Knights of Malta really work for/report to? ?
Well, the Vatican.

Do you know the Vatican has the greatest Astronomy labs out there to rival the NASA/NSA/ESA?
Do you know one of the infrared telescopes from the Vatican looking for ETIS/extraterrestrials is named Lucifer (aka The Morning Star)?
Besides Santilli, a guy who invented a mathematical & chemistry concepts to rival Newton's, so advanced that only a handful of ppl are able to understand it. Do you know who else belongs to the Knights of Malta society?
Well, Marina #Abramovic of course!
download pdf's - Part 1 & 2 MA Thread Elemi Fuentes
there will be more updates from Elemi, please check here:
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