January 16, 2019

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8.8.2017 BY LUKE ASPEN polka dot programming

Very little research has been done to uncover much of what I’ve discovered here on my own. What I would call “polka dot programming”. So there’s this hidden agenda and the dots are being worn by some very famous MK Hollywood celebrities. This has been going on since the 30’s and still continues right under our noses today with some rather striking visual clues that are embedded everywhere!

Part I: A Brief History of the Polka Dot

The Eye of Horus is the “all seeing eye”. Just one big dot to worship!  In Egyptian mythology Horus is Lucifer.

As time progressed, the lone dot became multiple ones, being placed on objects and clothes. In some non western cultures, polka dots were signs of things like Magic, a successful hunt and male potency. They were made highly visible in many public places. Especially painted on tents.

In the 40’s comics, the character Abner Krill became the arch villain simply known as Polka Dot Man. His body sprinkled with dots, possessed great Magic, enabling him to fight against Batman and Robin.

Even much earlier, in 1928 Walt Disney introduced his character creation of Miss Minnie Mouse. She was drawn as always wearing the loud polka dot pattern on her dress with matching hair bow.

So she really carries the hidden meaning that entails the Eye of Horus, Magic and male potency. All of which are behind the driving force of sodomy. How then did the dot become known as the polka dot? The word polka is itself a bit of a mystery, “Polka” is Polish for “Polish woman”. In Czech, some researchers say it can also refer to a “young girl”. That would only make perfect sense because Disney secretly intended the (Minnie Mouse) polka dot to be Poke-A-Dot (or poke the young girl in her dot). Purely anal sex! And long before the Playboy Bunny, Minnie Mouse became the original pin-up girl for MK UItra.

Walt Disney was raised by an abusive father, who later had Walt secretly placed in different foster homes.That led him to being sodomized as a foster child. Later covertly working with the CIA and their early MK Ultra experiments, he helped implement his secret Minnie Mouse polka dot meme. It quickly became embedded as being the first actual visual symbol for MK Ultra programming!

And sodomy is the key to creating their mind-controlled sex slave. Monarch programming is really sodomy programming. I will explain this much later in full detail. The polka dot design actually precedes both the popular Beta Sex Kitten and Monarch Butterfly symbols that are so prevalent today.

So I thought it would be most insightful to provide a pictorial polka dot gallery of some of the most famous celebrity monarchs. Starting with the old Hollywood stars that were being mind-controlled way back then. And continuing up to the present with the more famous names of today. You’ll see for yourself just how this polka dot programming has been integrated into their MK wearing dress design then and how it all still continues to evolve today. As well as being combined with all the other Illuminati symbols.

Part II: Early Hollywood Monarch Programing from the late 30’s to the Present

Judy Garland was made famous for playing Dorothy in The Wizard of Oz.  And was often seen dressed in polka dots. She was also one of the most mentally unstable Monarchs. So I’ve read that wearing the dots was most likely used as a “visual trigger” to subconsciously reinforce the sodomy programming. And that would apply to the other celebrity Monarchs as well. But having to live as a mind-controlled slave had certainly created some deep psychological problems for Garland and others. Many having some serious mental breakdowns!

This photo was taken with Judy staring at her own reflection in a mirror. And mirrors are often used in mind programming. So with the focused stare, index fingers forming the triangle and the dots marking her face are all a telling sign!

She lurched from stellar performances, to tantrums and no-shows, from happy family times to alcoholism, drug use and suicide attempts, from gold records to near bankruptcy. But most people could not understand why she had the mental breakdowns! Her real name was Francis Ethel Gumm and got her early start by performing in Vaudeville stage acts where she met and became friends with Bert Lahr. He later became famous as the Cowardly Lion in The Wizard of Oz.

Lahr was a Mason and involved with other famous Masons and MK handlers, the very ones to control Judy Garland. Notice he’s making the hand gesture of the Devil’s horns.

He was also quite willing to dress in complete female drag when he attended the Bohemian Grove ceremony.

One of Judy’s many MK handlers was Frank Sinatra. His first hit record was the 40’s version of “Polka dots and Moon Beams”. (Later recorded by Bob Dylan on his “Fallen Angels” album. Also by John Denver on his “Spirit” album). Sinatra too, would wear the polka dots, as some researchers claiming once again, was a secret signal the handler was giving the visual trigger of reinforcement of sodomy to his slave.

Sinatra also was a handler for Marilyn Monroe, seen many times wearing the polka dots. Notice the Masonic black and white checkerboard floor. She too, like Judy Garland, proved to be most mentally unstable and difficult to handle. Very many photos exist of her wearing the dots too. So I’ve noticed a direct correlation with the mentally unbalanced Monarchs and their having to wear so many different clothes with polka dots.

Monroe was the first to become the Playboy centerfold in 1953 and prominent sex symbol. Also making her the first sexy Monarch to be photographed with a cat. This was the key start of others like her to be photographed with a cat or kitten, signaling their being a Beta Sex Kitten.

Jayne Mansfield was like another Marilyn Monroe, suffering more mental damage. Seen many times dressed in the dots. She’s also credited as being the first Beta Monarch seen wearing the leopard skin along with her pet cat. Again reinforcing the Beta Sex Kitten.

Mansfield had always kept a very deep interest in the Occult and Supernatural world. Her best friends would say that she would perform black magic rituals and wander around cemeteries at night. She joined the Church of Satan and became close friends with Anton LaVey. But her dance with the Satanic Church ended abruptly in 1967 when she was heading from one gig to the next and her car ran directly into an insecticide truck. The car went under the truck, which inevitably took the top of the car clean off. And along with it Jayne’s head. Luckily her three children were sleeping in the back and made it out alive. Jayne was in her mid thirties when she died and had lived her entire Hollywood adult life devoted to her worship of Lucifer. So she would be the one Monarch that went asking for the trouble she was forced to live.

Yet another early Hollywood Beta Sex Kitten was Carole Lombard. She was married to Clark Gable, he was a Mason and her MK handler along with other Hollywood women. Lombard died in a plane crash at age 33, which coincided with Gable attaining his 33rd level as a Mason. Leaving some insiders to speculate she was made to be his sacrifice.

Along with Mansfield she was another actress in Hollywood to make wearing the leopard skin and dots seen as being very fashionable for other women to emulate. Notice there’s even the dot design outlining the walls!

Gable was famous for having played Rhett Butler in Gone With The Wind. He too was often seen wearing polka dot shirts and neckerchiefs, much like handler Frank Sinatra.

One of the most celebrated Beta Kittens was Elizabeth Taylor and I think these pictures say it best. The top photo was taken in the 50’s, the polka dots with a kitten!  The bottom photo, in the 60’s, evolved into wearing the leopard skin. Reportedly a CIA mind control victim, she slept with Presidents Reagan and Kennedy. She too was handled by Frank Sinatra and others.

Hollywood celebrities are constantly tied back to the White House to add flair and drama. And to bring in covert funds, to add diversion, to keep the American public focused in whatever direction the controllers want. So instead of having the public focused on what is really going on behind the scenes.

One of the most endurable Hollywood Betas of them all is Jane Fonda. Having lived in Laurel Canyon, she was programmed to function in Hollywood circles as a bisexual libertine. And having been sexually linked to so many other famous celebrities.

Here she is still going strong at age 79.  And still wearing the dots!  She has also been used to promote the idea of eternal youth.

Fonda appeared in the 1981 film Rollover, a political thriller involving the possible world economic crash, hence the term rollover. The film co-starred Kris Kristofferson, a Mason and handler. His father was in the Air Force which is a red flag for MK Ultra programming. So here the word rollover also secretly implies “rolling over for sodomy”. Kristofferson is also known as the “Golden Penetrator” or the one with the “Golden Needle or Golden Key”.  He has sodomized many famous women in Hollywood. 

Kristofferson also did the remake of A Star Is Born (originally made with Judy Garland) opposite Barbra Streisand. And she too got the full rollover treatment from her handler. Streisand recently commented that the photo shoot for this movie poster was most intimate in that the only thing she was wearing was sweat. And her handler was completely exposed with a full erection.

read much more: http://rosettedelacroix.com/?p=8735



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